Made for Mac. Optimized for Gmail.

Mimestream combines the power of macOS with Gmail’s advanced features for a new kind of email client that lets you move through your email effortlessly.

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Requires macOS 12 Monterey or newer.

Powered by the Gmail API

Mimestream isn’t like other email clients – it uses the Gmail API for a new kind of lightning-fast experience that’s full of features. You’ll feel the difference.

Soar through your Inbox with powerful triage features

Inbox Categories

Focus on what matters most and triage the rest at your leisure. Use Gmail’s intelligent message categorization to separate non-essential messages out of your Primary Inbox.


Full support for Gmail labels, including color-coding and visibility settings.


Manage your server-side Gmail filters in Mimestream and organize your incoming email.

Calendar Invitation Responses

Quickly respond to calendar invitation emails without leaving the app. View your own calendars (Google Calendar or anything in Apple Calendar) alongside the invite to know if you’re free to accept the invite.

Gmail Search

Find what you’re looking for every time with the full power of Gmail-backed search.

Profile Photos

See the Google profile photo/color, or Apple Contacts photo of whom you’re communicating with.

List Filtering

Focus on the messages that matter the most (like unread or starred) with the message list filter.

Tracking Prevention

Read your email privately. Mimestream blocks trackers from 75+ common services.

Snooze Labs

Snooze messages to get them out of your Inbox, scheduling them to return at a better time.

Vacation Responses

Easily configure and manage your vacation response right within the app.

All your Gmail accounts in one place

Multiple Accounts

No more switching back and forth in the browser. Add all of your accounts to Mimestream and keep tabs on everything.


Keep work and personal accounts separate. Customize notification schedules too, or disable during a Focus.

Unified Inbox

View all of your inboxes together, as one unified inbox. Or keep them entirely separate – you decide.





Working Hours

Take control of your work-life balance with a custom notification schedule for work accounts.

Focus Filters

Stay focused when you need to get work done, and tune out unimportant profiles when in a specific Focus.

Account Colors

Assign a unique color to each account, and easily spot messages and labels associated with it.

Fast and effortless writing

Gmail Aliases

Easily compose from any Gmail Alias configured in your account, and send through that alias.


Respond faster than ever by using pre-written templates. Customize the templates with variables that trigger a fillable form.

Send and Archive

Send a reply and archive the conversation in a single step. Use the ⇧⌘⏎ shortcut or add the button to your toolbar.

Undo Send

Hit send too quickly? No problem! Just hit ⌘Z to undo send and reopen the draft you were working on!

Markdown and Code

Express yourself clearly with markdown formatting shortcuts and code blocks.


Easily mention other people while typing and add them to the conversation with helpful in-text mentions.

Built for Privacy

Your email is your business. Mimestream is built for privacy, and only stores your data and tokens on your device. The app establishes direct connections to the Gmail API, without going through any intermediary sync service.

Deeply integrated with macOS

Get out of the browser and use the power of macOS to get through your email faster.

Lightweight and Fast

Keyboard Shortcuts

Dark Mode Reformatting

System Notifications

Swipe Gestures

Built for Apple Silicon

In Your Dock

Multiple Windows

Menu Bar Extra


Image Markup

Continuity Camera

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