Release Notes

Mimestream is in active development. The release history and changes made are published here to keep our users informed about progress being made.

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Version 0.6.7

Monday, July 6 2020, 9:58PM
  • New! Inbox Zero confetti pop animation
  • New! Updated appearance for unread messages
  • Added a Toolbar item to toggle the Sidebar
  • Performance optimizations when displaying conversations
  • Enabled spellcheck by default in the compose window
  • Fixed: Date/time received is incorrect
  • Fixed: Content view actions are too small on non-retina screens
  • Fixed: Repeated crash on launch syncing a draft update
  • Fixed: Crash when un-starring all messages in Starred folder
  • Fixed: No auto-selection after unstarring a message in Starred folder

Version 0.6.6

Monday, June 29 2020, 9:24PM
  • New! Prevent tracking when viewing messages
  • New! Notifications now have Archive and Trash buttons
  • Apple Mail shortcut set now matches for Delete and Archive
  • Fixed: Broken conversation view scroll position when window resized with Magnet
  • Fixed: New messages failed to sync after partially-failed history-based sync
  • Fixed: Crash when viewing raw source

Version 0.6.5

Sunday, June 21 2020, 2:36PM
  • New! Label popover filtering and type-select support
  • Pressing Esc key now exits search mode
  • Fixed: Crash when closing reply window and choosing “Delete”
  • Fixed: Crash when loading thread list contents

Version 0.6.4

Saturday, June 20 2020, 4:11PM
  • New! Added prompt to save or delete a draft when closing a compose window
  • New! Quoted text is now visually differentiated from primary text
  • New! Autocomplete for addresses now searches past To and Cc fields, not just From.
  • Local results are now initially presented when scoping search to a folder
  • Fixed: Occasional crash when switching folders or exiting search
  • Fixed: Search scope header buttons sometimes don’t show selected state
  • Fixed: Gmail compose ‘c’ shortcut doesn’t work
  • Fixed: Attribution lines are missing email addresses
  • Fixed: Message without a From header totally breaks syncing
  • Fixed: Display of plain text emails does not preserve runs of whitespace
  • Fixed: Email address with specific character in display name renders blank

Version 0.6.3

Wednesday, June 17 2020, 1:47AM
  • Sent folder now shows To/Cc recipient names in message list, not your name
  • Performance improvements for address autocompletion
  • Added context menu to address tokens in compose window with edit/remove/copy options
  • Fixed: Double-clicking token in compose window should allow editing
  • Fixed: Dragging tokens between address fields should move, not copy
  • Fixed: Address autocompletion should not consider messages in Spam
  • Fixed: Address autocompletion should work on combinations of name components
  • Fixed: Address autocompletion should present primary identities first
  • Fixed: Address autocompletion should work on middle name and nickname
  • Fixed: Address autocompletion should be diacritic-insensitive
  • Fixed: Flash when opening standalone window, after switching between dark/light appearance
  • Fixed: Thread incorrectly remains displayed after exiting search
  • Fixed: Split view divider draws incorrectly at fractional widths
  • Compose window’s initial responder is now the subject field if empty

Version 0.6.2

Saturday, June 13 2020, 4:46PM
  • New! Preference to use Gmail or Apple Mail shortcuts
  • New! Menu item and shortcut to expand all messages in conversation
  • New! Mark All Read message list header in categorized inboxes
  • Added tabbed space to align toolbar buttons with message list
  • Empty grid is no longer drawn in message list
  • Fixed: Forwarding message with inline PDF doesn’t include attachment
  • Fixed: Unified folders should not show badge counts when disclosed
  • Fixed: Labels with children should show cumulative badge counts when collapsed
  • Fixed: File > Open menu item is always grayed out
  • Fixed: Exception when closing link edit sheet
  • Fixed: Message list header view doesn’t update if there is a full results controller reload

Version 0.6.1

Sunday, June 7 2020, 8:35PM
  • New! Support drag and drop of file attachments into compose window
  • New! Add ability to quick look attached file in compose window
  • New! Add ability to open attached file in compose window
  • Application dock menu now has “New Message” option
  • Updated compose window header attachment selection highlight
  • Message list header buttons updated to use the rounded rect style
  • Fixed: Incorrect initial scroll position of message list with header
  • Fixed: Message shows garbled header (need to properly escape addresses)
  • Fixed: Reply to a sent message doesn’t thread with rest of thread
  • Fixed: Inconsistent message list grid color

Version 0.6.0

Thursday, June 4 2020, 2:17PM
  • New! Search header to change scope between current folder and All Mail
  • New! Spam folders now have a Delete All header
  • New! Trash folders now have an Empty Trash header
  • New! Menu item and keyboard shortcut to mark message as spam
  • Search speed improvements
  • Selection is now cleared when entering search, and restored when exiting search
  • Pressing Esc from search field now returns focus to message list
  • Fixed: Sometimes expanding range of search results doesn’t work
  • Fixed: Message list context menu should not have shortcuts
  • Fixed: Message list separators drawn with incorrect style in rubber-banding area
  • Refactoring of data source objects for threaded message list results controller

Version 0.5.9

Friday, May 29 2020, 12:36AM
  • New! Preference to insert signatures below quoted text with “--” separator
  • Middle-button clicking a link now opens in background
  • Added quick look to attachment context menu
  • Added “Copy Server ID” menu item
  • Fixed: Drafts sometimes show garbled text in recipient fields
  • Fixed: Sometimes To field does not display contents
  • Fixed: Zooming out in thread content view causes scrollbar to appear

Version 0.5.8

Friday, May 22 2020, 5:06PM
  • New! Preference to set the default “From” address when composing
  • New! Option to “Send and Archive”
  • New! Signatures tab in preferences
  • Split view positions in the main window are now persisted
  • Improved performance with a large number of labels
  • Localized strings and resources, in preparation for translation
  • Fixed: Archiving from a label is inconsistent with Gmail Web UI
  • Fixed: Sometimes mark-all-as-read doesn’t work
  • Fixed: Crash when creating a new label
  • Fixed: Crash when un-minimizing a compose window
  • Fixed: Incorrect tooltips
  • Fixed: From popup in compose window should update with ordering changes

Version 0.5.7

Saturday, May 16 2020, 11:35AM
  • New! Sent message animation
  • Preference added to always view conversations in Light theme
  • Clicked links now open in background if the Command key is pressed
  • Updated message list cell layout with a yellow star indicator
  • Standalone window’s initial size is now bigger
  • Fixed: The main window is restored when clicking a notification to activate the app
  • Fixed: labels.get API errors when syncing a large number of labels
  • Fixed: Mailbox popover sometimes doesn’t accept text input
  • Fixed: Folder list scrolls when reloading

Version 0.5.6

Wednesday, May 13 2020, 3:01AM
  • New! Open conversations in standalone pop-out windows
  • Categorized Inbox settings are now part of onboarding
  • Enabled categories are synced from server during onboarding
  • Accounts can be reordered by dragging in preferences
  • Fixed: Unread count is -1
  • Fixed: Replying to a Sent message should reply to original recipients
  • Fixed: Preferences window title should match active tab
  • Fixed: Preferences window should remember previously selected tab
  • Fixed: Pressing delete key should beep if nothing happened

Version 0.5.5

Saturday, May 9 2020, 2:31AM
  • Fixed: Message with single PDF attachment and no body text does not show content
  • Fixed: Crash on Exception ‘NSTableViewException’, reason: ‘Row -1 out of row range [0–1] for rowViewAtRow:createIfNeeded:’
  • Fixed: “Reply All” to message didn’t CC all recipients, failure to encode email address correctly
  • Fixed: Non-user mailboxes should not be editable
  • Fixed: When setting the Delete Key action to Trash, Control-Command-A should be the key equivalent for Archive
  • Fixed: Toolbar configurations should autosave
  • Fixed: If Trash is a swipe action, Archive swipe action should not fallback to Trash
  • Fixed: Support forward delete for archiving/trashing messages
  • Fixed: High CPU utilization while typing replies
  • Fixed: Monogram in thread content view flickers/flashes when typing a reply
  • Fixed: Labels popover / menu should use a case-insensitive sort
  • Added key equivalent for New Label

Version 0.5.4

Thursday, May 7 2020, 5:10PM
  • New! Message > Label submenu and context menu
  • Added menu item to reopen the main window
  • Fixed: Copy/pasting in compose window can result in black text in dark mode
  • Fixed: Crash on exception: “Attempt to add script message handler with name ‘showAddressContextMenu’ when one already exists”
  • Fixed: Crash performing @selector(openInWindowWithSender:)
  • Updated app copyright year

Version 0.5.3

Tuesday, May 5 2020, 12:07AM
  • Fixed: Duplicate copies of messages synced, account gets duplicated
  • Fixed: From popup does not display addresses with diacritics in name
  • Fixed: Crash when creating a draft if account name has diacritics
  • Fixed: Address tokens don’t work if display name has diacritics
  • Fixed: Address tokens don’t work at 1.0 scale factor
  • Fixed: Can’t select address from autocomplete menu if name has diacritics
  • Bumped persistence version to force a resync and clean up invalid data
  • Tweaked app icon shadows
  • Added support for colored mailboxes in demo mode

Version 0.5.2

Thursday, April 30 2020, 10:47PM
  • New! Label colors are synced from Gmail
  • Refined App Icon
  • Refined Reply / Reply All / Forward icons
  • Allow closing of label popover by pressing enter in token field
  • Label popover now hugs contents and only expands to needed size
  • Fixed: Incorrect sorting of mailbox tags
  • Fixed: Clicking message list row to dismiss labels popover applies labels to wrong message
  • Prevent invalid label names from being entered in the label popover
  • Added precondition checks to prevent incorrect mailboxes from being added to a message

Version 0.5.1

Tuesday, April 28 2020, 8:32PM
  • New! Text size preference for thread content view and compose body view
  • New! Zooming support in thread content view
  • Inbox preferences moved to a new Inboxes tab
  • Fixed: Infinite sync loop when marking messages as read

Version 0.5.0

Friday, April 24 2020, 11:46PM
  • New! Labeling support
  • New icons for labels
  • Fixed: Infinite loop syncing when marking all messages as read, but new message arrived
  • Fixed: Reply All should not include your own address, even if display name is different

Version 0.4.11

Tuesday, April 21 2020, 6:32PM
  • Fixed: Remotely-deleted drafts do not get deleted locally
  • Fixed: Regression, oversized padding in compose window’s body

Version 0.4.10

Sunday, April 19 2020, 3:43PM
  • New! Add ability to open links in background
  • New! Add ability to save message as .eml from raw source window
  • Fixed: Infinite caching loop with duplicated message in persistence
  • Fixed: HTML messages should show without margin around body
  • Fixed: Flash in thread list when searching across multiple accounts
  • Fixed: Incorrect positioning of message body loading spinner
  • Fixed: Don’t show Sender: if address is the same as From:
  • Added “Add Account” to Mimestream menu
  • Added multiple account support to demo-mode persistence manager

Version 0.4.9

Sunday, April 12 2020, 5:24PM
  • New! Add ability to increase/decrease quote level
  • New! Add ability to paste as quotation
  • Added an “Attach Files” menu item and key equivalent
  • Fixed: Links in some messages are not clickable
  • Fixed: Text fields in thread list jiggle during refresh
  • Fixed: Replies should go to the Reply-To address if present
  • Fixed: PSD attachments show a broken ? in the media tray

Version 0.4.8

Wednesday, April 8 2020, 8:28PM
  • New! Mark as read works beyond the synchronized range
  • Added a menu item (with key equivalent) to begin a message search
  • Fixed: When entering search, All Mail’s last selected thread should not be displayed in the content view
  • Fixed: Paging in additional results during a search refreshed entire list to top
  • Fixed: Incorrect alignment of paper clip attachment icon in thread list
  • Cleanup: Added new logging and removed some verbose logs that were unlikely to be needed
  • Cleanup: Adopted Swift Package Manager for a dependency
  • Cleanup: Reorganize project to use a single target/branch for both Beta and AppStore-Release builds with custom configs
  • Cleanup: Resolved some log warnings

Version 0.4.7

Sunday, April 5 2020, 2:51PM
  • Fixed: Regression, thread list shows no contents after exiting search and then scrolling to page in additional results

Version 0.4.6

Sunday, April 5 2020, 2:40AM
  • New! Rewritten server-side search implementation
  • Fixed: Search queries are PII and should not be logged
  • Fixed: Bad alignment of thread content view placeholder text

Version 0.4.5

Thursday, April 2 2020, 11:16PM
  • Fixed: Message failed to send, racing update and creation actions
  • Fixed: Unread bar lags in disappearing when clicking a message
  • Fixed: Thread content view has an initial flash of white when launching app in Dark mode
  • Fixed: Compose window can show incorrect background color if system appearance was changed after app launch
  • Switched “Help > Report a Bug…” to open a new message with template, rather than directing to a Google Form

Version 0.4.4

Wednesday, April 1 2020, 7:42PM
  • New! Add option to view raw source to message-specific context menu in thread content view
  • Fixed: Old messages appear after newest message in thread content view
  • Fixed: Inline videos do not play
  • Fixed: “BMW of Alexandria” short name is “Of” in thread list
  • Fixed: Recipient monogram is backwards for many promotional messages
  • Fixed: Handle HTTP 502 errors as temporary errors
  • Fixed: Message header does not show attachment filetype icon on first load
  • Fixed: Message media tray does not update when attachments are just-in-time downloaded
  • Fixed: “Download linked file” context menu item doesn’t work
  • Fixed: Fix broken context menu on inline images
  • Fixed: Non-inline images should not be referenced by bodyHTML
  • Refactored MediaType out of ContentType in MIME parser

Version 0.4.3

Tuesday, March 31 2020, 7:42PM
  • New! Support pasting inline image attachments in the compose window
  • Fixed: When opening a new compose window in dark mode, body momenteraily flashes white
  • Fixed: Clicking unread count in mailbox list should not act like a button
  • Fixed: Drop zone for inline image attachments is too small, should be entire view
  • Fixed: Diagnostics script should use a temporary directory

Version 0.4.2

Saturday, March 28 2020, 5:47PM
  • New! Attachments in thread content view support quick look
  • New! Undo support for Archive, Trash, Mark Read/Unread, and Star/Unstar
  • Threads with drafts now show Draft tag in message list
  • Updated drag image for message list
  • Fixed: Pressing delete while content view is in focus may randomly show previously-displayed message content.
  • Fixed: Archiving message in All Mail should not autoselect the next message

Version 0.4.1

Thursday, March 26 2020, 1:40AM
  • New! Labels are displayed in the message list
  • Fixed: Crash when creating a new label
  • Fixed: Displayed swipe actions should disappear after archiving

Version 0.4.0

Wednesday, March 25 2020, 1:57AM
  • Re-architecture of history-based syncing to close race conditions
  • Significantly faster batch query support when processing user actions
  • Faster synchronization on app launch
  • Add a no-selection and multiple-selection placeholder in the thread content view
  • Fixed: Unread count is temporarily incorrect when marking all messages read
  • Fixed: Messages that failed to send should return to Drafts
  • Fixed: Resumed drafts don’t autosave when edited
  • Fixed: Sync error continues to show even after a draft was updated

Version 0.3.16

Friday, March 20 2020, 5:01PM
  • Fixed: Synchronization failing because the Gmail API began enforcing the 100 inner query limit for batch queries
  • Fixed: Thread content view stuck scrolled down page when app taken full-screen
  • Fixed: Toolbar items should have tooltips
  • Fixed: Thread content view inline action buttons need tooltips
  • Fixed: Drafts and Starred folders incorrectly enable “Mark all messages as read” context menu items
  • Fixed: Compose window title is just “Window”, should be the draft’s subject
  • Fixed: Minimum window size is too small
  • Fixed: Label name in thread content view shuold not show text selection cursor on hover

Version 0.3.15

Wednesday, March 11 2020, 1:12PM
  • New! Ability to view the raw source of a message
  • Support for multipart/related when sending inline image attachments
  • Add experimental default to reverse autoselection direction

Version 0.3.14

Saturday, March 7 2020, 11:02PM
  • Fixed: Image attachments in compose window should be resized to fit width of window
  • Performance improvements when syncing messages within a label
  • Pressing spacebar while focus is in message list now scrolls content view
  • Standard key bindings can now be used to navigate message list up/down

Version 0.3.13

Thursday, March 5 2020, 7:51PM
  • New! New drag image for message list with badge count
  • Fixed: Archived threads temporarily “pop back” in message list
  • Tweaks and new artwork for onboarding window

Version 0.3.12

Wednesday, March 4 2020, 2:56AM
  • New! Tokens can now be dragged between compose address token fields
  • Fixed: First address completion suggestion should be auto-selected
  • Fixed: Address completion should search last name
  • Fixed: Address completion should conduct anchored searches on name components
  • Fixed: Address completion should not suggest automated sender previous recipient addresses
  • Fixed: Unread message strip needs a highlighted appearance

Version 0.3.11

Friday, February 28 2020, 2:57PM
  • Fixed: Pressing CMD+R with focus in message body doesn’t work
  • Fixed: Fixed issue where synchronization activity fails to complete
  • Fixed: Pressing return inside a quote block should break quote and outdent response
  • Fixed: Replies with new text inline in quote block should not be collapsed
  • Tweaks to improve usability of on-boarding screen
  • Status tray now displays offline status

Version 0.3.10

Saturday, February 22 2020, 11:32AM
  • New! Refreshed installer .dmg image background art
  • Fixed: Status tray can get stuck showing status when multiple actions are executed at once
  • Fixed: Already-deleted messages should not be re-persisted during sync
  • Fixed: On-boarding screen can re-display even if accounts are already added
  • Fixed: On-boarding flow can get stuck if adding an additional account is aborted
  • Fixed: Large query batches split incorrectly, significantly slowing down many sync operations.
  • Fixed: Use maximum allowable page size (500) when counting threads for categorized Inboxes to sync counts 5x faster
  • Improved diagnostics collection

Version 0.3.9

Monday, February 10 2020, 9:47PM
  • Fixed: Unedited draft should not be created when closing compose window
  • Fixed: Viewing draft in dark mode reverts to light after edit
  • Fixed: Sync error for mailbox user actions that stuck around after the mailbox was deleted
  • Fixed: Sync error when replaying change of message Unread/Flagged state, but message has already been deleted off server
  • Clean up mailbox user actions that are in an invalid state
  • Retrieve update availability from new Jekyll-generated XML file

Version 0.3.8

Saturday, February 8 2020, 11:38PM
  • New! Automatic linkification of URLs and email addresses in the content view
  • Fixed: Racing when multiple user actions were concurrently being executed for same message/mailbox
  • Fixed: Some swipe action and banner icons broken
  • Fixed: Sometimes user action replay gets jammed if SC reachability change notification doesn’t come as expected

Version 0.3.7

Thursday, February 6 2020, 8:18PM
  • Fixed: Infinite synchronization loop trying to cache messages already deleted from server
  • Toolbar and sidebar icon tweaks

Version 0.3.6

Wednesday, February 5 2020, 8:51PM
  • New! Custom toolbar icons
  • Improved logging to better understand reported issues

Version 0.3.5

Wednesday, February 5 2020, 3:23PM
  • New! Custom shaded sidebar icons
  • Improved logging to better understand reported issues

Version 0.3.4

Tuesday, February 4 2020, 9:01PM
  • Hide unread count on Sent mailboxes
  • Improved logging to better understand reported issues

Version 0.3.3

Saturday, February 1 2020, 2:48AM
  • New! Refreshed on-boarding UI
  • Fixed: Status tray re-appears unnecessarily after waking from sleep
  • Optimizations to improve synchronization performance
  • Added accounts with insufficient OAuth scopes are now rejected

Version 0.3.2

Friday, January 31 2020, 10:15PM
  • New! Mimestream is now a Google-verified Gmail API client
  • Fixed: Sending message failed when duplicate update actions were executed
  • Fixed: Sending message failed when synchronization action temporarily failed
  • Fixed: Status tray sometimes does not display sync errors

Version 0.3.1

Thursday, January 30 2020, 1:27AM
  • New! Status tray in sidebar shows user-initiated synchronization activity
  • Fixed: Delete, CMD+Delete keyboard shortcuts sometimes don’t work
  • Support RFC 2047 encoding in Subject and Recipient fields, to allow for Emoji and other non-ASCII character

Version 0.3.0

Thursday, January 23 2020, 4:02PM

Version 0.3 contains a significant overhaul of the synchronization stack, focused on error handling support.

  • New! Add preference to control remote image loading
  • New! Add preference to configure swipe action
  • New! Add preference to control delete key behavior
  • Fixed: Silent failure to send a message without presenting error
  • Fixed: Draft creation fails with error: The data couldn’t be read because it isnt in the correct format.
  • Fixed: Crash sending message with Emoji in the subject
  • Fixed: Crash when moving messages
  • Fixed: Drafts sometimes resurrect after being deleted
  • Fixed: Crash when replaying deletion of already-deleted-from-server message
  • Fixed: Memory leak when closing a compose window
  • Fixed: Unstarring swipe action doesn’t work if starred message isnt in current folder
  • Trash and Draft label are now always shown on messages in content view
  • Thread count no longer reflects message in Trash
  • When in Trash, the thread count only reflects the messages in Trash
  • Deleting a draft now closes any already-open compose windows
  • Add Advanced submenu with diagnostic and repair options
  • Persist journaled actions that failed to complete, so they can be presented even after relaunch

Version 0.2.12

Wednesday, December 11 2019, 10:08PM
  • Fixed: Crash on reply when there is more than 1 contact for a specific email address
  • Fixed: Refresh thread content view when changing folders, even if the thread is the same
  • Fixed: Incorrect placement of cursor after reply with signature
  • When handling mailto: links, the body text should not be placed below the signature

Version 0.2.11

Monday, December 9 2019, 10:08PM
  • New! Support for drag and drop of image attachments when composing
  • New! Consolidated Mailboxes section in sidebar
  • New! Updated layout for star and attachment icons in thread list cell
  • Fixed: Thread list should update after toggling enabled state of categories
  • Fixed: Generated Content-ID header may be invalid
  • Fixed: Long lines of attachment files in thread content view should wrap
  • Fixed: .txt attachments lose filenames when sent
  • Fixed: .txt attachments cannot be opened
  • Fixed: Message with attachment disposition .txt attachment shouldn’t display text inline
  • Fixed: Selecting attachments in header is not reliable
  • Don’t show hand cursor for message action buttons
  • Avoid reload of entire table view when beyond prepared range

Version 0.2.10

Tuesday, December 3 2019, 1:53AM
  • Fixed: Crash when creating a new label
  • Fixed: Reply all should show Cc recipient row by default
  • Fixed: Mailto link with body loses newlines in compose window
  • Fixed: Messages downloaded due to thread content display appear uncollapsed in thread content view
  • Fixed: Broken dark formatting for message selected on launch
  • Fixed: Message should not be collapsed when second message in thread is a deleted message
  • Add logging to help track down crash on Reply on some systems

Version 0.2.9

Saturday, November 30 2019, 12:30PM
  • New! Fetch full name from Gmail, not the macOS user account
  • New! Preserve selected thread within each folder
  • Fixed: Content view should clear when thread list content disappears
  • Sidebar now refuses first responder on mouse click events

Version 0.2.8

Tuesday, November 26 2019, 3:54PM
  • New! Display contact photo in message header
  • Fixed: App sometimes continuously resets persistence on launch
  • Fixed: Duplicate “Label 098” label in sidebar after initial sync
  • Fixed: Broken “Revert Dark Formatting” link
  • Delete key now Trashes rather than Archives
  • Clicking a different mailbox in sidebar now exits search mode
  • Starred messages are no longer collapsed in the thread view
  • Messages marked as Spam no longer appear in other mailboxes

Version 0.2.7

Sunday, November 24 2019, 3:02PM
  • Fixed: Broken decoding of newlines in text/plain message parts when Content-Transfer-Encoding is base64
  • Improve GmailService throttling logic to avoid exceeding per-second quota limits on accounts with many labels
  • Increase size of window initially synced for primary Inbox
  • Don’t sync disabled message categorized inboxes
  • Don’t show mailbox tag for backing mailbox in message header
  • Hide action buttons for collapsed messages
  • Remove nonfunctional printing menus until printing is supported
  • Improved folder selection restoration after persistence is reset
  • Fix default account selection for compose to match the account display order

Version 0.2.6

Friday, November 22 2019, 12:17PM
  • New! Collapse messages in thread view for long threads
  • New! Add BCC field to compose headers
  • New! Validate recipients before allowing send of compose window
  • New! Add icons to message banners
  • Fix sorting of mailbox labels in header
  • Optimize conversation loading by avoiding preload of unnecessary iframes
  • Remove currently unimplemented photo browser button from compose window toolbar

Version 0.2.5

Tuesday, November 19 2019, 10:26AM
  • New! Add ability to reply to specific message in thread view
  • New! Add ability to star specific message in thread view
  • Collapse quoted text in messages sent with Windows Outlook
  • Normalize formatting of messages sent with Windows Outlook
  • Search speed improvements
  • Double-clicking already-open draft now orders existing window to front
  • Fixed: Mailbox labels sometimes shown even if they don’t need to be

Version 0.2.4

Thursday, November 14 2019, 11:41PM
  • New! Support magnification in thread view
  • New! Add Drag & Drop support to attachments in thread content view
  • New! Clicking a notification now selects the message in the main window
  • Forwarding messages now includes attachments
  • Faster initialization of the Load Images banner
  • Improve thread loading speed by loading CSS and Javascript assets by URL, allowing WebKit to cache these resources
  • Fixed: Subject prefixes sometimes duplicated on replies/forwards
  • Fixed: Assorted thread content view bugs in dark mode
  • Clean up thread view context menus

Version 0.2.3

Sunday, November 10 2019, 11:51AM
  • New! Automatic update support
  • Fixed bug where reply messages do not threading together
  • Added validation for e-mail addresses entered into compose window