Deep Links

💡 does not have access to your account or your message’s content.

Mimestream provides a deep linking feature to enable you to easily reference your messages and threads from other apps.

To copy a message link, you can simply press ⌘C on a thread or message. Alternatively, you can use the context menu of a message and choose Copy Link. Deep links can be made to either an entire thread, or a specific message.

You can also choose the Send Link to option, which allows you to share a link to another app. To customize which apps can receive links, you’ll need to go to System Settings, go into Privacy & Security, choose “Extensions”, choose “Sharing”, and enable the sharing extension for the apps that you’d like to be able to send deep links to.


Why a https URL rather than a mimestream:// URL?

Mimestream’s deep links utilize Apple’s Universal Link technology, which is strongly recommended as the preferred format for deep linking. There are some practical advantages to https-based universal links, rather than custom URL schemes:

Yes, with Mimestream installed, universal links can still be used when your system is offline. When you click on the URL, macOS will open the link directly in Mimestream, without opening your web browser.

No, Mimestream’s deep links are private, and can’t be shared publicly. If you share a Mimestream deep link with somebody who does not have access to the account holding the message, they will be unable to view the message.

Does have access to my account?

No, the web service at does not have access to your account or the message’s content. It is simply a link redirection service. The only information that the service sees about your message is what is directly in the URL itself.