December 22nd, 2023

Mimestream 1.2 Released

Neil J.

Today, we released Mimestream 1.2 to all users. This update introduces new features and bug fixes.

Add non-invitation events to your calendar

Mimestream has long supported responding to calendar invitations inline, but 1.2 now supports adding non-invitation events (like train/flight tickets, dinner reservations, etc.) directly to your Calendar.

Improved autocomplete with better Workspace Directory integration

Address autocomplete has been improved to work across address components – for example, typing “tim apple” will now suggest “Tim Cook –”. Additionally, the integration with the Google Workspace Directory takes advantage of new Google People API functionality, and presents the full name associated with any directory-based suggestions.

Support for macOS 14’s “Predictive Text” completions

macOS 14 Sonoma introduces a system-wide “Predictive Text” feature, and Mimestream’s compose window has been updated to work with this new feature. Predictions appear in gray text, and pressing tab or space completes the insertion. Predictive text completions are usually short and often just a single word.

Setting to control how attachments are opened

On the “Viewing” tab of Settings, there’s a new “Open Attachments In:” option. Mimestream defaults to opening attachments in an internal folder, like Apple Mail. However, for users that frequently edit opened attachments and prefer a workflow more like using Gmail in the browser, it’s now possible to open attachments in the Downloads folder instead.

New form for submitting feedback

We love hearing feedback from our users, and 1.2 makes this even easier with a new “Feedback form”. Once a category has been selected, relevant logs can be collected, and prompts appear to manually attach any potentially private information (like message content). All content can be previewed before being submitted via email, and a copy remains in your Sent folder for your records.

Prompt to report app crashes

If the app crashes unexpectedly, users that have opted in to the “Latest” software updates will be prompted to submit a report directly to Mimestream, which can help us fix the issue. The crash report can be previewed before being submitted via email, and a copy remains in your Sent folder for your records.

Other improvements

Since releasing Mimestream 1.1, we’ve added a variety of other improvements as well:

For a full overview of what’s new, you can always check out release notes!