February 1st, 2023

Future updates will require macOS 12 or newer

Neil J.

Today, we released Mimestream 0.41.4, which includes a notice that 0.41 will be the last of the Mimestream updates that support macOS 11.

Future updates to Mimestream will now require macOS 12 or newer. If your Mac supports it, we encourage you to upgrade macOS to continue receiving updates to Mimestream.

Continued beta usage on unsupported OS versions

As a courtesy to our beta users on macOS 11 or 10.15, we’ve waived our standard beta-build expiration policy while the app is running on these OS versions.

These builds will continue to function indefinitely on these OS versions, even after our 1.0 launch, without requiring payment. However, if you upgrade macOS to a newer version in the future, our standard beta build expiration policy (60 days from release) will apply, and you will be required to update to the latest available version of Mimestream. The latest version available at that time may be a post-launch version that requires a paid license.

Please note that these versions are no longer maintained or updated. It is probable that a future Google API change will eventually cause them to stop functioning correctly.

Reasoning for this requirement

Future updates will require macOS 12 because Mimestream makes use of new, cutting-edge Apple technologies like SwiftUI and Swift. Apple is rapidly evolving these technologies with critical new functionality that will significantly reduce the development effort required for our future roadmap.

We understand that this change may impact some of our users with Macs that cannot be upgraded to macOS 12, or have other circumstances keeping them on macOS 11. We apologize for any disappointment this may cause, and want to assure our users that this decision was not made lightly. Ultimately, we believe that being able to leverage Apple’s new enhancements is the best way for us to execute on our future roadmap, while keeping development costs low and providing the best value for the majority of our users.