Why are event invitations not loading?

The Calendar banner in Mimestream can only load invitation details for events that are present in Google Calendar. The default event settings in Google Calendar will add any new event invitation to your Google calendar automatically.

Why am I seeing an “Add to Calendar” button for an event invitation?

If you’re seeing Add to Calendar button for an email invite on Mimestream or Gmail, it means that the invite has not been added to your Google calendar, due to any of the listed scenarios:

How do I change my Event settings?

If you’ve changed an event setting in the past that determines what happens when a new event invite is received, please follow these steps to change it back to the default setting:

  1. Go to Google Calendar Settings, and choose Event settings in the left pane
  2. Then, click on Add invitations to my calendar, and select From everyone.

What happens when I click the “Add to Calendar” button?

When you click the Add to Calendar button, the event gets imported to your Google calendar and it will appear on your Google Calendar.

Note: As an alternate option to add your invite to your calendar or to check the invite on Gmail web interface, you can click the message action menu in the message header (…) and click Open in Gmail.