Common reasons for an Inbox Mismatch

If you notice that some messages are missing from your Mimestream Inbox but are visible in your Gmail Inbox (or vice versa), this situation may arise due to one of the following factors:

Inbox Categories are disabled in Mimestream

Please verify if you have Inbox categories enabled in Gmail. Then, ensure that the same Inbox categories are also enabled in Mimestream to maintain consistency. To enable Inbox categories in Mimestream,

  1. Choose Mimestream from the top main menu
  2. Click on Settings… (or Preferences… on macOS 12), and choose the Accounts tab
  3. Select your account in the left pane, and choose Inbox Categories tab
  4. Enable or disable the Inbox categories to match it with Gmail

Gmail Inbox shows archived (previously-snoozed) messages

If you snooze messages, wait for them to return to the Inbox, and then you archive them from any email client, such as Mimestream (Gmail API), Apple Mail (IMAP), etc., then there is a Gmail server-side bug where those messages continue to appear in the Inbox. If you use the Snooze feature of Gmail, you may be encountering a common . Please review this article to see if it may explain your situation.

The Message Filter is accidentally enabled

If the message filter (Unread, Starred, Important) is enabled in Mimestream, you may not see all your messages. In this case, you should disable it from the top of the message list or from the View menu:

  1. From the top main menu, click View, and then go to Filters
  2. Click Disable Message Filter.

As an alternate option, you can also use L to enable or disable filters.

Note: If none of these factors explain your missing messages in Mimestream, please reach out to us at for further assistance.