Adding Accounts to Mimestream

đź’ˇ Mimestream only supports Google accounts.

Mimestream supports a secure Oauth-based flow for adding accounts. By using Oauth, Mimestream receives a token and stores that on your device, rather than your raw password – improving your account’s security.

Adding a Google account to Mimestream

  1. Using the top main menu, select Mimestream, then choose Add Account…
  2. Select the desired services to enable: Sign in with Google
  3. Click the Sign in with Google button
  4. Select Continue to open the Google Sign in page in your default browser
  5. Choose the Google account you’d like to add to Mimestream, and grant the necessary permissions.
  6. After authorizing Mimestream, focus will return to the app, where you can enter a name for the account, select a profile, and enable or disable categorized inbox: Account Added

Authorizing through a custom browser

By default, Mimestream uses the system Authentication Services framework, which may leverage your default browser. In addition, there is special integration with browsers like Safari and Chrome, enabling a mini-window popup experience.

If you’re encountering an issue with Authentication Services, or if you would like to authorize through a custom browser, hold down the Option key while clicking the “Sign in with Google” button. This will open the sign-in page directly in your default browser, where you can complete the sign-in process.

If desired, you may also copy the URL opened in your default browser, paste it into another browser, and complete the sign-in process that way as well.