Managing Profiles

Easily separate work and personal data with profiles to group accounts together. Access each profile via a separate tab, or switch using an inline switcher.

Once you’ve successfully added an account in Mimestream, the final step will prompt you to choose a profile for the newly added account. If you’re interested in creating a new profile or aiming to pick a profile for your existing accounts, please refer to the steps below:

  1. Using the top main menu, select Mimestream
  2. Click on Settings… (or Preferences… on macOS 12), and choose the Accounts tab.

Change the profile for an account

Selecting Profile

Manage and create new profiles

Within the Profiles management sheet, the Personal and Work profiles are present by default. However, you can add, edit, or delete profiles here. It is also possible to select a color or choose an icon for each profile. You can link your account with the chosen profile directly from this window by clicking the Add button.

Manage Profiles

Change the notification schedule for a profile

You can also configure a Notification Schedule for email notifications on a per-account basis. With notification schedules, you can configure your Work profile to stop sending you notifications when your workday is over, and the dock unread count will get adjusted to omit the work accounts, too.

Of course, if your personal profile doesn’t have a schedule, you’ll continue to receive personal account notifications. The next morning, when your schedule resumes, you’ll get a batch of all the notifications that were waiting for you, and your dock badge count will go back up.

Mimestream also supports Focus Filters that allows you to configure how apps present notifications while in a Focus. Mimestream now includes the ability to specify which Profiles can deliver notifications while in a specific Focus, so you can have greater control over tuning out unwanted distractions. To add a profile to a focus filter:

  1. Go to System Settings, then select Focus in the sidebar pane
  2. Select your existing Focus, and click Add Filter… button
  3. Then, choose Mimestream, and select the Profile(s) you want to link.