Navigating between messages

Mimestream supports Arrow-based keyboard navigation. Easily navigate between messages in the message list using the up & down arrow keys.

You can use the left and right arrow keys to easily move focus between the different panes in the main window. Apart from the arrow keys, Mimestream has navigation shortcuts that are listed in the top main menu.

Action Apple Mail Gmail
Switch Profiles 1 OR 2 1 OR 2
Switch Windows ~ ~
Main Window 0 0
Go to Inbox 1 1
Go to Starred 2 2
Go to Snoozed 3 3
Go to Drafts 4 4
Go to Sent 5 5
Go to All Mail 6 6
Go to Trash 7 7
Go to Spam 8 8
Go to Folder… O O
Show Previous Tab
Show Next Tab

Note: If you’ve changed the order of your folders or profiles, some of the navigation shortcuts will change.