Searching for Messages

Much like the functionality in Gmail, Mimestream supports complex message searches using a variety of keywords and search operators.

Depending on your keyboard shortcut preference, you can either press F (Default, Apple Mail shortcuts) or / (Gmail shortcuts) to begin a search. The respective keyboard shortcut is displayed next to the Message Search item under the Edit > Find menu.

Search Tokens

You can construct complex search queries by using search field tokens. As you type into the search field, a suggestions menu appears, allowing you to select a search term that changes into a token within the search field.

Mimestream offers support for a diverse range of tokens in the search field. These include addresses, subjects, labels, message attributes (such as starred, unread, and important), as well as indicators for attachments (such as has attachment, has presentation, has document, has spreadsheet, has Google Drive link, etc).

Changing a search token’s modifier

Once you have selected a token, clicking on a token’s label will reveal a menu providing the option to change the search modifier for that token (such as switching “From” to “To” for an address token).

Search Token

Changing Search Scope

Mimestream allows you to toggle your search scope between All Mail and the currently-selected folder in the sidebar. By default, your search scope is set to All Mail, but you can change it to your current folder from the top of the message list.

Changing search scope

Using Gmail Search Syntax

Mimestream fully supports all of Gmail’s search operators. If you prefer, you can type searches in plain text using the supported operator syntax. Some examples include the below:

What you can search by Example
Specify the sender from:ben
Specify the recipient to:neil
Words in the subject line subject:meeting
Matching multiple terms from:ben OR from:neil
Remove messages from results dinner -movie
Messages with a certain label label:friends
Messages with an attachment has:attachment
Messages with Docs has:docs
Messages with Drive has:drive
Messages with Sheets has:spreadsheet
Attachments with a certain name filename:meeting.txt
Attachments with a certain file type filename:pdf
Messages marked as important is:important
Messages that are unread is:unread
Messages that are starred and read is:read is:starred
Messages sent after a certain date after:2023/05/18
Message sent before a certain date before:2023/05/18
Messages old than d(day) older_than:2d
Messages newer than d(day) newer_than:2d
Messages in a Primary category category:primary
Messages in a Updates category category:updates
Messages in a Forums category category:forums
Messages that match the word exactly +dinner
Messages that are larger than a certain size larger:10M
Messages with a Message-ID header
Messages that have a label has:userlabels
Messages that don’t have a label has:nouserlabels

Search Semantics for Word Matching

Mimestream supports full-word searching, as this is the functionality provided by the Gmail API. In order to find messages with the word “hello”, you must fully enter “hello” as the search query:

These semantics are due to the way that the Gmail API and Gmail itself works.