Changing Viewing Settings

Easily change your viewing settings in Mimestream by navigating to the Viewing tab:

  1. Using the top main menu, select Mimestream
  2. Click on Settings… (or Preferences… on macOS 12), and choose the Viewing tab.

Viewing Settings

Mark Messages Read

You can choose how you want to mark your messages as read. You can choose between:

Conversation Order

It is possible to change the order of conversation, i.e., the order in which your messages are listed in a conversation. You can either choose Oldest to Newest or Newest to Oldest.

Open Attachments In

You can either open your attachments in the Internal Folder (like Apple Mail), or in your Downloads Folder (like Gmail).


Prevent remote images from loading automatically blocks remote images from loading automatically in the viewing pane. You can click Load Images button to load them manually.

Prevent tracking when viewing messages blocks common trackers that may notify the sender when you view their message.

Note: Tracking blocker is on a best-effort basis, but is not a guarantee that all trackers will be blocked. If you wish to have a full guarantee, choose “Prevent remote images from loading automatically” and manually load images for messages where you’re willing to risk a tracking image being loaded.