Viewing Inboxes Unified

Mimestream offers a unified inbox, allowing you to consolidate all of your accounts under a single inbox. By default, all accounts within a profile will be unified, so be sure to select the same profile for accounts you want to view in a unified inbox.

Account Colors

To clarify what account a message is from, Mimestream supports showing a small color badge on each message. To set the color for an account:

  1. Using the top main menu, select Mimestream
  2. Click on Settingsā€¦ (or Preferencesā€¦ on macOS 12), and choose the Accounts tab.
  3. Select the desired account and choose a color

Note: Each message associated with the account will show a colored icon, with the selected color also serving as the default for labels in the sidebar. This helps in easily distinguishing between different accounts.

Account Label

Alternatively, Mimestream also supports showing the account name as a plain text label when in a unified folder. To enable the label:

  1. Using the top main menu, select View
  2. Check off Show Message Account