What features are on your roadmap?

Please visit the Roadmap to see what we have planned for Mimestream. You can click on features, indicate their priority, and sign up for email updates about them. You can also submit your own ideas, too!

What version of macOS does Mimestream require?

Mimestream currently requires macOS 12 or newer.

Mimestream makes use of new APIs and capabilities, such as SwiftUI and Combine, which are tied to new versions of the OS. By using SwiftUI when possible, we can re-use more code with a future iOS version of the application and release that version sooner.

Mimestream intends to showcase the best that the Mac has to offer, and new versions will generally require the latest version of macOS (allowing for a breathing period for some bug-fixing software updates to be released by Apple).

Is Mimestream updated for Apple Silicon?

Yes, Mimestream has been fully updated to be a universal binary. It runs natively on both Apple Silicon and Intel Macs.

What happens if I stop using Mimestream?

You can continue to use Gmail normally. Your email remains on the Gmail servers, and any changes you make in Mimestream are synced back to Gmail as soon as a network connection is available. No Mimestream-specific labels are added to your account.

Is there an iOS version?

macOS is currently the only supported platform. A version for iOS (and iPadOS) is something we're actively focusing on. Please visit our roadmap, select the feature card to upvote, provide additional input, and sign up for updates about this.

Does Mimestream support services besides Gmail?

Mimestream currently only supports Gmail. Future support for other services is planned, including Microsoft 365 / Outlook, services that support IMAP, and services that support JMAP. See the ideas tab to roadmap to upvote support for these services.

How do I disable inline predictive text while typing?

From the top menu bar, click the Apple logo, go to System Settings, select Keyboard in the left pane, click the Edit button in Input Sources, and disable "Show inline predictive text". Here's our article with more details

Which languages are supported in Mimestream?

Mimestream currently supports English, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish.

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How do I suggest a feature or improvement?

To suggest a feature, please visit our Roadmap. If you see the feature you'd like already listed, you can click on it to indicate the priority to you and sign up for updates about it. If you don't see it, please don't hesitate to click the Submit Idea button! Feature development is prioritized based on user demand, so your feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated!

What do I do if I've hit a bug?

Please use the in-app "Help > Report a Bug / Send Feedback" menu item, or email bugs@mimestream.com to report a bug.

Bug reports are extremely helpful and your feedback is very much appreciated! We prioritize bug fix order based on a combination of severity, number of user reports, and our product judgement.

How do I contact support?

Please e-mail support@mimestream.com to contact support.